Global Premium Snowflake

Model name : NSD-151MW
  •   Ice cooling method Drum cooling method
  •   Heat dissipation method Water cooling method
    Heat dissipation method (adoption of water saving side)
  •   Applied refrigerant R-404A
  •   Weight 42kg
  •   Size 295w × 450d × 460h(mm)
  •   production amount / day 300kg / day
  •   Power consumption1,300W
  •   Outer material P.C (Poly Carbonate)
  •   Safety Certification (certification No) JH07787-17001

Safety Certification Number

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Automatically rotating ice container table
snowflake can be produced naturally and ice can
be completed hygienically and easy to use time
(Preparing topping ingredients while
receiving snowflakes)
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Used in places where water service is not fully
equipped (outdoor, food truck, etc.) Easy to use in high temperature areas (Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.) where water pipe temperature is 30 to 40 degrees or higher
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Shaved ice cup holder

Easy for shaved ice cup and take-out.
A tool to collect snowflakes hygienically
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