• 01

    Highest output relative to sizeoutput is directly related to sales

    Ultra small size (weight: 42kg)
    output is the same as medium and large size
    daily output 280kg
    Production of one serving per minute
           (based on milk 200ml)
  • 02

    Rapid cooling power cooling temperature minus 50 degrees

    The thinnest drum thickness
           (0.5T - only in Korea)
    Increasing the cooling power
           by efficient thickness
    No need for precooling
    Creation of snowflakes within 5 seconds of
  • 03

    Drum size 8cm suitable for take-out of shaved ice cup

    The width that can be put directly in shaved
           ice container
    take-out container. Directly take a small cup
           when using a hold and finish the shaved ice cup
  • 04

    Drum idling function Easy to clean the drum

    Convenient when cleaning
    Solving hygiene problem
    No automatic cleaning function (unsanitary)
  • 05

    Perfectly structured set of accessories → Increased customer convenience

    Convenient storage
           (Directly store in the refrigerator)
    Raw material input valve system
           (prevention of loss, breakage)
    cleaning of detailed parts
           (Increase in sanitation)
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