• 01

    Immediate operation / immediate stop

    Immediate operation without pre-cooling (ON)
    Immediate stop without braking time (OFF)
          Waiting time (0) seconds
    Start immediately> Stop immediately>
          Restart immediately> Stop immediately
    differentiation of refrigerant
    gas injection system
  • 02

    ON/OFF switch type

    Application of robust and convenient switch type
          (mechanical type)
    Removal of defective and frequently broken touch
          type PCB board (Electronic type)
    High quality compressor mounting
    Excellent safety and robustness
  • 03

    Automatic control of
    cooling water flow rate

    Adoption of high-performance
    high-quality water saving device
    Optimal flow control, Constant internal pressure
    continuous temperature control, Production of uniform
          ice quality (non-stop for 24 hours)
    Water rate reduction
  • 04

    Durability enhancement

    Operating 22 ice machines for 24 hours without stop for
          more than 1 year (environment of 45 degrees or higher)
    Application of five-layer gas leakage prevention shaft
    No influence of temperature, humidity
    Overload blocking, Reinforcement of safety devices
    adoption of chain motor type
          (High efficiency and low heat generation)
    optimized for overseas environment
  • 05

    Loss rate(Loss)

    Drum plate
          - Super-close structure under the drum
          - injection mold making
    less than 3ml of remaining undiluted solution
    No washing required when switching to another
          undiluted solution
    Reduced amount of undiluted solution
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